What's in a name?

It all started back in high school...someone realized that my initials spelled KEG. How cool!

KEG quickly became my nickname, and a common occurrence on the back of t-shirts, beer mugs and name tags. When it came time to create my senior portfolio in college, I needed a unique way to "brand" myself to the rest of the world. I thought, why not use KEG? While everyone else was using his or her full name (or something equally as boring), I decided to go the "cool" route and, alas, KEG DESIGN was born. It has been a small, growing freelance business ever since. 

Coincidentally, the rest of my family has pretty "cool" initials too. My mom is MEG, my dad TEG, and, well, somehow my little brother got the short end of the stick with CTG. (Haha- it explains a lot!)

I have a bit of a dilemma regarding the future status of the "G" in my initials. I'm marrying the love of my life this summer, and his last name starts with "D." KED isn't bad, but it's nowhere near as cool as KEG. I'll just have to see what happens...

KEG, aka "Kelly"


Kelly said...

It's neat that you bring this up. I'm a Kelly too, and I'm very fond of my initials: KLM, they're alphabetical and my mom always took immense pride with my being alphabetically correct. I think I'd definitely keep your KEG for all your designs, even if you were to take your husbands name, I know I'd be sad to part with mine!

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