Gold or Gaudy?

The question isn't whether or not the Martha Stewart China (below) is gaudy (because I love it!), it's whether or not the gold-plated flatware is cool or, well, flashy? I registered for the two China patterns below, half "Garland Moss" and half "French Knot," because they look amazing mixed together. The gold-plated flatware matches perfectly, but might not be necessary. It's very Anthropologie to me...and who doesn't love Anthropologie?! What do you think...comments?

65-Piece Set $209.90 @ Neiman Marcus

5-Piece Place Setting, $119.00 @ Macy's

5-Piece Place Setting (Gold), $99.00 @ Macy's


Abbie said...

I actually LOVE gold flatware. It would be awesome for holidays, too. I found a set for fairly cheap that is similar at Horchow.

Memento Photo Booth said...

The gold flatware is great!! It is a little flashy but in a good way, not at all over the top. It will pair nicely with the china! Abbie is right it will be great for the holidays!


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