Brand Development: Slimpressions

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I've had an amazing experience working with Amy and Jennifer at Slimpressions on their brand development over the past few years. I've helped them create a logo, visual identity system, product hang-tag and numerous marketing & trade show pieces. I would highly recommend Slimpressions to anyone who is looking for a shapewear product to slim their arms, back and midriff. Slimpressions create an amazing illusion of weight reduction (see the "before" and "after" shots of the model's arm above!). The "Haves" and "Have Nots" are great for mother-of-the-brides or grandmothers who are hoping to slim down for the big day! The "Skinny Minis" are great for warmer weather, as they have adjustable spaghetti straps (no sleeves). Slimpressions has been featured in Redbook magazine and is available online and at boutiques across the country. Go here to find a store near you.


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