My Wedding Shoes!

Mark that off of the list of things to do! I bought my wedding shoes!!! Silver, strappy, grecian sandals by Pelle Moda. They are fully encrusted in tiny, sparkly rhinestones - plus they are SUPER comfortable. I love tall, sexy heels as much as the next girl, but I know myself (and my feet!) and I need flat, comfy shoes for a full day of celebrating. And, even more importantly, I don't want to look taller than the future hubby in all of our pictures!

Here's the "tall" version of my shoe from Pelle Moda. These are very pretty and VERY tall! I'm already about 5'9", so there's no need to be 6'2" on my wedding day! Go here for more details.


Laura said...

Super fun and cute - nice find :)

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