Photo Retouching & Restoration

As a full-time graphic designer, I do quite a bit of retouching and photo restoration work. I actually enjoy it - it's relaxing for me. Because all digital cameras are not created equal, many photographs don't come out looking right (even today). Below is a good example of a "church" shot taken at a wedding. The photo was taken on a partly overcast and cloudy day. The original digital photo was dark and dreary. I brought it back to life by correcting the overall color, brightening up the photo, removing the dark clouds and removing small imperfections. The "after" is much brighter, colorful and happy!

The same goes for photo restoration. There were so many amazing photos taken from the early 1900's that capture long lost loved ones, events and places. Older photos are usually in black/white or sepia and very grainy. Many things can also happen to them while they were up in the attic over the years. I can remove/restore scratches, tears, fading and watermarks. In the example below, I restored the contrast of the photo, removed unnecessary background objects and cleaned up the image as a whole. It's now ready for a place on the mantel!

I'm going to create an Etsy posting for Photo Retouching/Restoration very soon. My fee is $40.00 per photo. Please send inquiries to my email listed above.


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Great work!

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This is really nice restoration work.

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