Pretty Postage - Sneak Peek!

Like I said, I accomplished quite a lot this past weekend. I'm pretty pumped about the stamps I got for our invitations. They look great together and coordinate well with the color of the invitations. I even had a "good" experience at the post office - which, at least in Chicago, says a lot! More photos coming tomorrow!


ChiBrideToBe said...

Which post office?! I need to find a friendlier one. I mailed five small packages from the Merchandise Mart one yesterday and couldn't get out of there fast enough :)

Megan said...

They seem cute! Can't wait to see the invites.

Keg Design said...

ChiBrideToBe - I hear you on the post offices in the city...the Thompson Center location is the worst one ever! I got in a huge argument with the very rude employee last time and will never go back. I was actually in the burbs this weekend, when I bought the stamps...they seemed to have more patience for the excessive stamp "shopping" I was doing!

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