Busy Weekend!

Long holiday weekends usually mean trips to the lake and fun-filled BBQ's with friends. This year it was all about the wedding and checking things off my "to-do" list! I got a ton done and even managed to get in some much needed spring cleaning (our place was such a mess after the bridal shower!) and a Cubs game. 

Things I can officially check off the "wedding to-do" list:
1. Hair trial-run at salon
2. Rehearsal dinner invites 
3. Paint bird cage - to be used as "card holder" 
4. Meet with photographer
5. Order personalized bags for sweets table
6. Order personalized matchbooks 
7. Finalize sweets table order with vendor

I think there might be more, but my brain isn't functioning properly today.

Check in throughout the week for some great photos I took this weekend!


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