DIY Card Holder

Bird cages seem to be all the rage these days...especially at weddings. Luckily, I have a mother who has and still occasionally collects bird cages. She had an old, yet perfectly sized, wicker bird cage from the 1980's. It started out mauve (such a 1980's color!), but with a $5 can of black spray paint and about an hour of my time, it turned into a beautiful bird cage/card holder for our wedding. I'm sure it will look even better once the florist adds some floral "flare" to you have any similar DIY projects to share?


Mel said...

Wow, Kelly! This looks great. What a transformation. :)

One of my bridesmaids is making our card holder. We picked up some various sized boxes, fabric and ribbon. She says she's about 75% complete, but I've yet to see it!

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