New Blog & Vegas Ramblings

I love when I stumble upon a great wedding blog! I came across Diagnosis Deferred last week. Teresa, the creator behind the blog (and bride-to-be), writes great posts - and funny ones too! I was reminded of Diagnosis Deferred yesterday, when Teresa commented on my wedding invitations and left very kind words.

Like Teresa, I recently got back from my "bachelorette" weekend in Vegas. I couldn't have written my feelings about that town any better than Teresa did. I agree with all of her thoughts on Sin City...the smoking indoors (super gross!) and the never ending amount of bachelorettes with blow-up dolls and tiaras (annoying!). My girlfriends and I were also one of the only bachelorette groups who did not tote around any obnoxious things.

I might also add that Teresa posted about a super cool wedding cake idea...go here for more details. Overall, I'd have to say we're both on the same page...except maybe for the "greatest city in the world" part - my vote is for Chicago! I'll definitely be putting Diagnosis Deferred on my daily reader...and so should you! Here's a cute picture from my Vegas trip...


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