OMG, in 20 days...

I'll be getting married! It's crazy - once you hit the "1 month" mark, time just starts flying by. I'm a whirlwind of emotions - excited, nervous, anxious, happy, stressed! I still have tons of stuff to get done before the BIG day (get your RSVP's in people) and much of it has to wait until the last minute. 

I had an amazing bachelorette night out with the girls this past friday. Yesterday I went in for my second dress fitting. Today I'm heading to Costco to fill up on mass amounts of treats for the out-of-town treat bags. Lately, five minutes can't pass before my brain defaults into "wedding mode." 

I'm so excited to be getting married to Luke and then relaxing on the beach for 7 straight days with him! However...there is a part of me that is going to miss this crazy thing we call wedding planning. As much as I hate it, I LOVE it even more. I'm not going to go as far as saying it will be depressing to be done with this, but bitter sweet...sure. Does anyone else feel the same way? Or have you recently been married, and after all the festivities were over, felt a little sad?


Laura said...

I hear ya! Even though wedding planning can be such a time and money suck (not to mention stressful!), I'm secretly dreading "the end." Fortunately that won't come until September, though! :)

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