Photo Booth!

Luke and I have received many compliments since our wedding, but the one thing we've heard over and over again from our guests is...WE LOVED THE PHOTO BOOTH! I knew since we got engaged (heck, maybe even before that!) that I wanted a photo booth at our reception. Not only would it tie in with our Save The Dates, but photo booths are just tons of fun! We used Photo Booth Express and we were very pleased with the service. We rented the booth for 4 hours and our attendant was even nice enough to close it 30 minutes during dinner so it could be open later in the evening. We had black/white double prints for each session, so our guests got to keep a copy and another was placed in a special container for us...the bride and groom. I would HIGHLY recommend having a photo booth at your was seriously worth every penny. And, as you can see, the photos are a riot!

Oh, and I forgot to tell you about our props! I went to Party City before the wedding and bought as many crazy hats, feather boas, glasses and accessories as I could find. The props added that extra special touch to the photo booth experience and helped bring out the wilder side in our guests!


A2Z Photo Booths LLC said...

Those photos look like too much fun! Photo booths totally rock!

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