Dessert on a Stick!

It's like I just struck gold! Check out these amazing Cake Pops from Bakerella. Maybe I'm way behind the times, and everyone knows about these already, but they're so cute and so yummy looking. From cheesecake pops to mini cherry pies - I'm loving them all! I'm not much of a baker myself (actually I don't think I've ever even made chocolate chip cookies from scratch in my life), however I'd be willing to give these recipes a try. Wouldn't a personalized Cake Pop or Pie Pop be the perfect favor for your wedding? Really, the possibilities with these are endless...

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Abbie said...

I've been drooling over her stuff for a while, but I'm scared to try it. I don't know why. LOVE the mini-pies!

fri said...

mmm...great ideas these are.

Great post,
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