Real Wedding: The Love Boat

I attended Megan and Tim's wedding a few weeks ago. One of my favorite parts of the weekend was the rehearsal dinner, which included a sunset, cocktail cruise around Lake Geneva. Scott Patrick, the photographer behind the wedding, did a fabulous job of capturing amazing shots even despite some bad weather (it rained most of the night). The moody 'dusk" sky is super cool, and I love the contrast of the yacht lights against the water. Congrats again, Megan and Tim!

Keeping with the "love boat" theme, I thought I'd also share with you a few Save The Date designs I've been working on. They incorporate a nautical, clean style. I'm hoping to add these designs to my Etsy store this keep an eye out. Seriously, I think that if I could get married all over again (to Luke, of course), I would love to have a nautical themed wedding...


Mel said...

The "We're Tying the Knot" Save the Dates are cute!

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