Recap: Our Wedding Program

I'll be sharing more "recap" posts with you guys from my wedding day - sorry it's taken so long! I had a lot of fun creating our wedding programs - we made them as interactive and entertaining as possible. We included the words to our hymn, Come To A Wedding, as well as information on the ceremony, our wedding party and a special thank you to all of our guests. The design, obviously, coordinated with our wedding invitations. I purchased the black and white ribbon at Michael's Crafts, and with the help of my wonderful MOH, I managed to get 125 programs folded and tied two days before the wedding.

The entertaining portion of our programs included a short write-up on each of our attendants. Luke and I had shared a lot of laughs while writing these, and we think our wedding party and guests truly enjoyed reading them. We included basic information such as our relation to each person, as well as one or two more personal facts or funny stories about each. This was definitely my favorite part of the program.


Abbie said...

I am still loving that monogram you made! Write-ups are fun. We didn't have enough room on ours. One of J's groomsmen got married last month and did fun write-ups. I died laughing when I read them!

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