Framin' It Up

I finally got around to framing some of our favorite wedding photos for our home. I used Snapfish to print 5x7 and 8x10 prints. I bought a few new frames and also repurposed some that we had used at our wedding reception. The two-fold frame is of Luke and I when we were 4 years old - we had it displayed (amongst others) during our cocktail hour. For some reason, a lot of our favorite shots happened to be pictures of us kissing (gotta love it)! The other day one of my good friends came over to our house and so kindly stated "you have a lot of photos of yourselves in this place"...I replied... "we're newlyweds, what do you expect? if and when we have kids they'll take over our home from top to bottom!" You have to embrace your wedding photos while you can, right? 


Pink Tulip said...

The frames are just as important as the image. I love your frames!

Becky, Grant & Penelope said...

I agree! We have put most of our wedding photos in our bedroom, but I enjoy having them up - afterall it was a WONDERFUL day and we paid enough for it all! Right?!

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