Recap: Our Wedding Video

Luke and I went back and forth deciding whether or not to hire a professional videographer for our wedding. We knew that we would want the memories, but we weren't sure who to use or if our budget would allow for it. After extensive online research and a few phone calls, I found A Family Affair Video in Lyons, IL. Scott and Barb Scheman, the owners, were very professional and accommodating over the phone. They were willing to work within our limited budget, and they helped us come up with a video package that fit our needs. 

Luke and I decided that we wanted only our ceremony (not reception) captured on camera. Our package included anything taking place at the the arrivals of the bride/bridesmaids and groom/groomsmen, the processional, ceremony, recessional and trolley "getaway." If you've been keeping up with my blog, you know that the morning of our wedding day was not pretty. The stress and anxiety caused by storms and a major power outage the night before, left most things a mess. Fortunately, the church never lost power, so we knew the ceremony was still on. Nearly forgetting about the videographer in the midst of the chaos, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Scott taping my bridesmaids and I as we arrived at the church. Scott was wonderful to work with the entire afternoon - we hardly even knew he was there! He captured everything we wanted and even took additional time after the ceremony to shoot close-ups of our flowers and other important details. 

If you click here, you'll be directed to a sample video of our "Bridal Party Entrance" (processional). That's Caleb, our ring bearer, above - he's the cutest 4 year old in the world! You'll also notice that our church had the narrowest aisle in the world (haha). The sample clip is only a small sliver of the 50 minute, fully edited video that we recently received from Scott and Barb. And yes, our package included professional editing with voice and music overlays. Luke and I were able to choose 3 songs to use for the opening and closing credits of the video. 

It was an absolute delight to work with A Family Affair Video. We were 100% satisfied with our experience. I would highly recommend Scott and Barb to anyone looking for high quality videography services for a wedding. Currently, AFAV is offering "Video Stimulus Packages" for couples looking to incorporate videography into their wedding on a budget. You can also view additional testimonials and video samples on their website. Thanks again, Scott and Barb!


Becky, Grant, Penelope and Reagan said...

LOVE the video Kelly! It's great! We had Grant's brother video tape the ceremony. I think we've watched it once...but I'm sure we'll show it to our kids one day!

Mel said...

Great video! I love how excited you look going down the aisle.

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