Blog Love!

Melissa over at Chicago Girl Gone Mild recently nominated me for the "Sugar Doll" blog award. She also nominated Keg Design as a blog that brightens up her day for the "Happy 101" award. Thank you so much Melissa, I'm flattered. And same goes back to you!

Each award has it's rules, but because I'm swamped this week at work, I'm going to follow just a few: 1. Post the blog award(s) to your site 2. Share 10 interesting things about yourself. Here it goes...

1. I have a brother who is 9 years younger than me. There are no siblings in between.

2. I played sports growing up (volleyball, basketball, swimming, tennis, track) and I'm competitive. Okay, REALLY competitive. 

3. I've been to Elba - a small island off the coast of Italy.

4. I'm a horrible singer. In the sixth grade my chorus leader asked me to lip sync...needless to say I never joined choir again!

5. I loved high school.

6. I'm a Cubs fan. I hope the White Sox lose (sorry, Melissa!). 

7. I heart T.J. Maxx. 

8. My parent's bought me a used Sunfire convertible for my 16th birthday. Three days later we returned it because the roof wouldn't stop leaking.

9. I'm addicted to gummy candy. Bears, name it, I'll eat it.

10. I hate to cook.


Mel said...

Ha! Cubs fan. I love gummy candy too. Yum!

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