Recap: Our Youngest Guests (Part 2)

Caleb was such a trooper, and he liked to give kisses too! 

Best Man & MOH walking into the party with Caleb.
Caleb and his Mom (Loren) - so cute!

This is Cameron, Caleb's younger brother!!!

Check out those blonde ringlets...I love 'em!

Everyone getting their "groove" on.
Photos by RHB Photography.


Abbie said...

I always think that kids end up doing the most dancing at weddings! It was definitely true at ours!

Terese said...

That's so crazy that you went to UD! Now that you say it, I always thought your MOH looked like someone from college. I'm about 99% sure she was my partner in a Conditioning for Women class I took Jr. or Sr. random! I graduated in 2003 and lived at 450 lowes for about 2.5 years. I definitely still get nostalgic for those days :)

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