Ed Hardy Sangria

You're probably asking the same question as me...Ed Hardy, the clothing guy, sells Sangria? Yes! And liquor, wine, energy drinks and so on. Ed Hardy Beverages is apparently a booming business. I was definitely apprehensive at first. I bought a bottle of his Sangria at Cost Plus World Market awhile back and it's been sitting in the wine rack for months. Last night I decided to give it a shot. Surprisingly enough, it was good. Very, very good! The fresh strawberries added that extra touch...

You may have noticed by now that I don't post much about food or cooking. It's just not my thing. Don't get me wrong, I love to eat...I just don't love to cook. My Mom was (and still is) the same way...so I blame it mostly on her. I don't think I've ever baked cookies from scratch in my life!

Last night was one of those times that I got motivated to cook. And by "cook" I mean bake some fish, broil some asparagus and mix-up some salads. I don't do recipes. Too many ingredients, too many directions and too much time. I like to keep it simple and improvise when necessary. Dinner was delicious (or at least I thought so). I'm actually marinating some chicken breasts for dinner tonight...not sure what has gotten into me, but I'm sure next week will be all about the take-out! What have you been cooking lately?


Anonymous said...

Yummy! That fish and asparagus looks amazing. I'm definitely on a fish kick lately...my favorite is pan searing some mahi-mahi from Trader Joe's with mango salsa. I also re-discovered my crock pot a few months ago...slow-cooking chicken breasts in the roasted red pepper squash soup from Trader Joe's (again!) with some brown rice and broccoli. Don't think the crock-pot recipes are as spring/summer appropriate though.

Jordan said...

Wow Kelly! Very impressed! I am going to get a bottle of that sangria this weekend and I try it...you know how much I love sangria!

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