Wings + Bling

If you plan on reading any of my recent posts, this is the one you can't miss! I've been in a bit of a drought lately, or at least I think so. A little uninspired. Burnt out. Longing for summer or something good to happen. Well, my blogger's "block" might be officially gone. I picked up a copy of Harper's Bazar Australia this week, and I couldn't get enough of the stories, photos and ads. It's just what I needed - something new, something inspiring, something from down under...

No sooner did I realize I was in love with this April 2010 magazine edition, than I come across these amazing (out of this world, edgy, rock'n'roll inspired, expensive) earrings. If Siena's wearing them, they're definitely cool. I envy her style and fashion sense (not so much her love life). These beauties are from Jessica Robinson's jewelry collection. She has a full line of rings, earrings and necklaces that would make your jaw drop (and your bank account shutter!).
Palm Feather Ring and Earrings.
Scarab Ring; Diamond Infinity Rings (Single & Double)
Beautiful cover design - front and back!
Finally...I stumbled across this ad. I did a double take...was that a ring??? Umm, YES! I still can't believe it. And I don't want to know the price. I'll just wait until Nadri Jewelry Co. (or the like) comes out with a copy. Seriously, I need this ring and those earrings... Forever 21 jewelry designers, I hope you're reading this! Here's an Aussie article about the coveted Cerrone Collection.


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