Da Bears

Mel, over at Chicago Girl Gone Mild, contacted me late last year about designing a custom holiday card for her and her husband. She wanted something unique that portrayed the two of them, but didn't want to use an actual photograph. The solution? An illustration. Mel also wanted the card to embody the spirit of Chicago - hence the skyline and 1980's era Bears sweater. Who would have thought that a Chicago Bears 'themed' greeting card could look so sophisticated? HeHe! I have to admit, this project was a bit of a challenge for me. I'm not in the business of illustrating people on a daily basis, however, I think I pulled it off. It was definitely good practice for the next time someone asks me to render them on the computer. The final card design is below. I've also included the photo of Melissa and Sean that I used as inspiration. Whadda think? Also, check out what Mel had to say about the design on her blog. Go Bears!


Mel said...

Haha! I'm never telling him that you posted our photo in the blog world. Thanks again, Kelly!

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