Bedroom Transformation

I'm so excited to share my bedroom makeover with you. As you can see, I started with a very plain space that had little personality. I think the end result is playful, inviting and fun. I love it! I'm calling it my "beach cottage" in the woods. I think I accomplished the cape cod "look" I was going for by utilizing a soft color palette, classic shapes and a traditional design aesthetic. What do you think?


One of my favorite things about the transformation was the budget. Since I wasn't decorating the Taj Mahal, I did most of my shopping at T.J. Maxx, HomeGoods, Walmart and Burlington Coat Factory. I kept it under $500! Here's a quick price break down and a few more photos:

1. Gallon of Light Blue Paint $13.00 at Walmart
2. Painting Supplies $40.00 at Walmart
3. Waverly Bedding Collection $79.00 at Burlington
4. Waverly Curtain Panels $20.00 at Burlington
5. Paisley Quilt $49.00 at T.J. Maxx
6. Mirror $29.00 at HomeGoods
7. Wooden Side Tables $79.00 each at HomeGoods
8. Matching Lamps $34.00 each at HomeGoods
9. White Spray Paint (6 cans) $5 each at Walmart
10. Wooden Head Board - FREE!

Photos ©2011 Keg Design


Mel said...

Great job Kelly. I love the mirror!

Terese said...

i saw this last week, but am just now getting a chance to comment. LOVE it, especially the soft colors and the mirror above the bed. looks like it will be a great retreat for you!

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