Wedding Program Challenge

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. It's been absolutely dreary in Chicago... clouds, rain and cold temps. Blah! The good thing was that it motivated me to complete my submission for Minted's Blogger Program Challenge. I signed up online and received an entry packet in the mail a few weeks ago. Here's the lowdown: Minted is looking for new and creative ways to bind their program cover (which they sell here) to the internal program pages (that brides print themselves). Staying true to the modern aesthetic at Minted, I wanted to offer up something that was unique & fresh. We've all seen programs folded and binded with ribbon, so I decided to use metal eyelets instead!

To cover the top portion of the program I dug up some paper scraps I had laying around. The great thing about this DIY project is that you don't need a ton of materials or money. Approximately 100 metal eyelets cost about $3 on Etsy - this is a steal compared to the price of ribbon! Eyelets come in all shapes, sizes and colors. For the paper, many craft shops will sell the long paper strips that they cut for other items at a discounted price or even give to you for free. Other than that, I just needed a glue stick, X-acto knife and small hammer. Cut the paper to fit the top portion of the program. To create the lower bend in the front cover, use the X-acto knife to cut a straight score line. Glue the paper to the top of the cover then measure & mark the center for the eyelet. Place the eyelet over the center, hammer it down and WA-LAH! You've got a great looking wedding program uniquely adhered together!

I also created a second and third program option that utilized similar metal trinkets. For the yellow and gray design, I wanted to keep it very modern and simple. I placed two gold eyelets in the center top of the program and created another score line for folding. The third photographic option was pretty as is, so I just adhered all of the pages together with two white snowflake brads. These helped bring a winter wedding theme to life and since the snowflakes were white, they didn't compete with the rest of the design. Another great aspect of the eyelets is that thread or ribbon can be looped through them for functional purposes. If you're a bride who likes to be different, you could display and hang your programs at the church on metal sconces or tree branches to WOW your guests!

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