My Original Wedding Mood Board

This was the mood board that I came up with when I first got engaged (almost a year ago now!). It's funny to see how my visions have changed since then... however I still love the feeling that this board evokes. The green, natural elements will still be a large part of our wedding. The groomsmen and bridesmaid's attire have since changed significantly. I'm going to try and create a mood board for my vision, as it stands today. Then, once the day actually happens, I'll post a final, "this is how it turned out" board!

My apologies for not remembering all of the image sources for this board (it was a long time ago!). Many of the photos came from Martha Stewart Weddings, David's Bridal and The Knot.


Megan said...

It's so nice and casual. Can't wait to see what you have now!

Pink Tulip said...

This reminds of a vision board. I love it. I have a "wish book journal" with all of my ideas an color scheme of my wedding.

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