Not Your Typical Bouquet

After almost a full year of wedding planning, I find that most bridal bouquets and floral arrangements don't excite me. Everything is pretty ordinary and tends to look the same. When I stumbled upon Amanda Johnson's work from Butterfly Petals in Arizona, I was "wowed"! Her work is truly unique and artsy. I absolutely love it!

Amanda writes on her blog: I have to admit, I am a funky florist. Or at least an earthy, goofy, quirky one! I am drawn to clients with any touch of creativity and I strive to capture that in their work. You've seen feathers, you've seen cactus and I've even thrown in a vegetable or two. But I also take traditional clients and do my best to capture their vision too.

I love the different shades of green and unique mix of textures. Succulents are so cool.

I think this one is my favorite. The bright, bold colors and the peacock feathers! Oh la la!

That bird is pretty sweet! :)

A truly unique "fall" arrangement. I LOVE the moss under the ribbon!

Branches and feathers make for a new, whimsical combo!

Ranunculus are my all-time favorite...and the branching/twine around this bouquet looks great.

Butterfly Petals was the genius behind Amanda and Dave's flowers I featured last week. Check out the postings here, here and here.


Butterfly Petals said...

I am so honored you like my work! I have a lot of fun with my flowers. :)

Mel said...

Ooh, I love the first green one and the very last one you posted. So pretty!

Emilia Jane said...

My best friend is helping me with my flowers and yesterday I was trying to send her inspirational photos but I came across the same problem. I didn't like anything! Everything was so boring and bride-y. This, however, I love and will be sending her way this instant.

Great flower lady said...

Hey I know Amanda!! and as always GREAT work!!

Katie said...

I love Amanda's work!! Especially love the fall colored bouquet-so beautiful!

Abbie said...

Wow! She does an amazing job!

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