Coral Me Pretty

There is just something about coral that I love. Maybe it's the color, or the intricacy of the shapes. I actually contemplated using it as a theme for our wedding, but it just didn't seem appropriate for a Chicago wedding at a country club. Needless to say, I've still found a way to incorporate it into certain parts of my life (and home).

The top photos were taken from here and here. I love the "coral" inspired wedding mood board. That cake is awesome! I also love the simplicity of the invitations. Do you know anyone planning a beach wedding and in need of a theme? Coral would be super cool...and, hey, I'd love to help out with the invitations! :)

The middle photographs are actually of the entryway in our condo. I love, love, love the coral prints I found with the mirrored frames. I bought them at a local Lakeview boutique. The glass vase also has coral printing on it and is by Fringe Studio. Here it is.

Finally, the bottom photos represent a fun way to bring "coral" into your life...china and jewelry! I seriously contemplated registering for this china at Bloomingdales, but decided against it after seeing the prices. It's very cool, but maybe a bit impractical?! The earrings are pretty, and can be purchased at Muylinda on Etsy.


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