Napkin Folding

Anyone given any thought to their napkin fold for the reception? I think I'll be going with something fairly simple and flat - such as the "pocket" or "kennedy white house" fold - as not to take away from the rest of the decor on the table. The "wedding industry" is great - just when you thought there wasn't much to think about regarding the cloth you use to wipe your mouth, there's an entire online community dedicated to proper napkin folding! Gotta love it! Image source here.


jessica lynn said...

omg i wish i would have seen this sooner! my reception coord. did a HORRIBLE job with our napkins.

Anonymous said...

this is awesome im horrible at napkin folds

Leslie Lukas said...

Thanks for this great guide! i am a wedding planner and would love to use this for my staff! We have so much fun coming up with amazing tablescapes for clients. Glad I found you on here! I am going to post about your blog! check us out on FB--

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