Surprise Shower

I have awesome colleagues - they threw me a surprise bridal shower yesterday! The room was decked out in my wedding colors and the carrot cake cupcakes were to die for. Check out the super cool tissue paper flowers/balls that were hung from the ceiling...many thanks to Kari and the team! Only 4 days to go!


tina said...

Holy Cow! It's this weekend? Congratulations! This makes me so nostalgic for last summer. :) Your coworkers did a great job! And look at the cute outfit you had on too.

Have fun this weekend! I know you'll love every minute.

Mel said...

Congrats Kelly! Have a wonderful wedding!

Adie said...

Love the tissue paper flowers. Did they make them or buy them... where? how?

Have a great weekend!!

Kari said...

The tissue poms are a Martha Stewart idea, of course! She sells kits at craftstores, but it's easy to do on your own too. Directions are here. Congrats Kelly, have a great day on Saturday! Can't wait to see pics of you as a gorgeous bride!

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