Candy Buffet

I ordered my black, white and green candy for our candy buffet this week - it should be here by the weekend! We're having a combo "candy buffet/sweets table" at our reception. I'm not going crazy on the candy options because we will also be having pastries, cookies and cupcakes for our guests.

I ordered the above goods from Candy Warehouse. I was actually inspired by Laura over at soon to be koo on the candy choices. She is another Chicago bride blogging about her big day...and she also has a black, white and green color scheme. She did a great post on candy awhile back, and I was instantly inspired. I think she has since changed her mind, however, and is going with individually bagged, locally-made maple cashew granola for her favors. Definitely check out her blog!


Laura said...

Aww, thanks for the shout out! I can't WAIT to see how your candy buffet goes! I have to say I was a little bummed to not do ours because I think it could have looked so cool, but logistics and money won out.

I can't believe your big day is just around the corner...can't wait to see the details :)

(oh and I would totally comment more on your blog, but sometimes I get error messages when I posts comments, so I can't get them through, darn it!)

Becky, Grant & Penelope said...

Cute idea Kelly! I bet it will turn out super cute! :)

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