self portrait

I'm usually too busy working on other projects to do any work for myself. Last week my wonderful cousin sent me some of her photos she took at our wedding, and I fell in love with the unique angle of the shot below. I wasn't too crazy, however, about the color and crazy carpet pattern. I got to work retouching the photo this week, and came up with two new options. Option A is a very graphic, high-contrast design, while Option B is very ghostly and vintage looking. Any thoughts? Which retouching method do you prefer?

Original Photo

Option A

Option B


Kathleen said...

I like option a -- the pattern isn't so loud, but there's still some context for where you are and why you're in that posture. B definitely ghostly, but it also seems a bit more grainy.

Cyn City said...

I concur with Kathleen...I like option A better too.

Mel said...

I vote for A!

Jordan said...

I like A better! :-)

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