Old is the New New

Here's a blast from the past...my parent's wedding photos! Personally, I think they were pretty hip for the early 80's. My mom's dress was beautiful - if it fit me I would have seriously considered wearing it for my own wedding! My mom and dad just celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary last month, so a big congratulations is in order. Next year is the B-I-G 30! Thanks to both of them for being such good role models and parents.

Silk vs. Real flowers...certain elements of this trend are coming back.
Grecian inspired bridesmaid dresses = definitely back in style!
Long coat tails on the groom...this will make it's way back, just wait & see.

The "bonnet veil" is super cool...for today's styles go here.
Frilly cake, with kitschy topper - I love it! Buy your own for only $6!
Yellow gold wedding bands...we jumped on that one!

Then there were the hairstyles...
The "Farrah Fawcett" - we've seen this style come & go in the 2000's.
Full beard and mustache...not so sure about this one! Love you, Dad.


tina said...

Wow! That is so chic for the 80s! Your mom's bridesmaids were lucky ladies!

You look just like your mom.

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