Talking Points

Upon being seated at the reception, Luke's Great Aunt Sister Rita read a beautiful wedding blessing. She was followed by Megan, my Matron of Honor, who touched on some great memories of our friendship during college. Next up was Pat, Luke's Best Man, another fiery red head (I guess Luke and I are partial to red headed friends? Ha!). His speech was lighthearted and very funny... they've been friends since the first grade. We also presented our Mom's with roses during the reception. We originally planned on doing this during the ceremony, but as you know (or will find out), things don't always go as planned on your wedding day. Finally, my Dad gave his speech and it was the most emotional part of the day for me. I didn't choke up on the alter or at any other time until his speech. His words were so loving and heartfelt. I regret not having a videographer at the reception (to capture this), but I've tried to convince myself that these kind words and memories are better kept in the heart rather than on some videotape.


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