Weekend Recap

I haven't done a "weekend recap" in ages. I think that's because I spent most of January and February holed up in my house, hibernating like a bear. Seriously, I was such a loser - I didn't go out at all. This past weekend was productive and fun. I got some much needed puppy time. Abbey is so great, I just love her. In honor of opening day coming up, she got a new collar - Go Cubbies! I also got to break out my new "Limited Edition 80's Glam" Sharpie set. I now have 24 colors to doodle with - yippee! There was also some yummy apple cinnamon oatmeal to gobble up and dinner with friends on Saturday. Lastly, I got around to 'blingin' out my nails with Sally Hansen's Salon Effects nail polish strips. I think I'm obsessed. You should head over to your local CVS, Ulta or beauty store and pick up a pack - they're easy to apply and they seem to last much longer than regular polish.


Terese said...

look at that puppy!

i'm the same way...spent most of my winter weekends on the couch. can't wait for alfresco dining in the warm weather!

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