Brightonwoods Orchard

We enjoyed some festive fall apple "picking" a few weekends ago at Brightonwoods Orchard in Burlington, Wisconsin. It's a beautiful 15 acre property in southeastern Wisconsin that's just over an hour from Chicago. They don't actually offer "pick your own", but the abundance of different apple varieties surely makes up for it. Brightonwoods grows over 200 kinds of apples... many old-fashioned and European varieties you can't find anywhere else. My favorite was the Calville Blanc d'Hiver - a French apple from the 1500's - it was sweet and tangy with an almost banana-like taste. Yum! The other reason we headed to Brightonwoods was for the on-site winery. More on that next...

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Mel said...

Kelly - your photos are always so great. I love these fall colors!

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