Best and Worst Trends of 2011

I always love reading about the forecasted trends for the new year. Even more so, I love reading about the best and worst trends of the past year. People magazine just released a summary of 2011's hot trends. For the most part, I think 2011 was a good year for style. I always like to dabble in some new trends each year, even if they're a little silly or on the younger side. How about you? Did you drink coconut water in 2011? Get addicted to Buckyballs, Zumba or Words With Friends? How about those 70's hippy looks or Native American knits? Here are a few of my favorite trends of 2011:

1. Feather Hair Clips
Yup, I tried this one out. Back in August, I had my hairdresser put in a small, neutral colored feather behind my right ear. It was hardly noticeable. It was "permanently" affixed (like a hair extension) and lasted about a month. It was fun. I felt young and "cool." But I think I got that one out of my system!

2. Colored Denim
I love this trend. And I think it really began in 2010. Either way, I actually don't own a pair of my own. I'm a little surprised about this. I think it has something to do with my hatred for jeans shopping. They never fit right - too big, too short etc. I'd love to snag a pair of green or blue skinnies this year.

3. Animal Prints
I've been rocking animal prints for quite sometime. I love that they've become so popular. To date, I own an animal print jacket, shirt, pair of pants, multiple pairs of shoes and a drawer full of jewelry. It's one of those trends, that when styled, can look professional, classic or risque. I love it!

4. Cake Pops
I absolutely love the way these look. But I'm not a huge fan of how they taste. In general, I don't love cake, so I haven't met a cake pop that I really like. I think the consistency of the cake ball is a bit strange (wet & mushy). On the other hand, I love the chocolate covered oreo pops people are making! Check out my Bakerella post (the real master behind Cake Pops) from 2009.

5. Nail Stickers
I definitely fell prey to these pricey stickers in 2011. Not only are the designs just fun (especially for summer), but they're so easy and convenient to apply. The fact that I don't have to wait for them to dry makes the nearly $10 price tag worthwhile for me. I'm a fan of Sally Hansen designs.

6. Cheap 'n Chic Collections
2011 marked the year for Missoni at Target and Versace at H&M. Both collaborations sold out in record time. Fights literally broke out at Target stores, while the collection completely crashed their website. I didn't partake in either launch and don't own any items from either. I think the stuff was cool, but I refuse to wait in line or fight crowds. It's just not worth it to me.

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Kari said...

I bought a cute gold pillow during the missoni target mayhem and it's THE WORST. It's completely come apart at the seams on all sides, and I had to resew the whole thing. Junk! Pretty junk, but junk nonetheless.

Terese said...

i'm looking forward to being able to embrace colored denim this spring when i can wear non-maternity clothes again!

Johanna said...

I love the skinny jeans and nail stickers! Best trends ever...totes agree!

Mel said...

Completely agree with you on Missoni madness! I don't do lines for that type of nonsense. And everyone knows what you're wearing and where it's from. Maybe that's the point, but totally not my style!

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