Blackberry Clean Up

There comes a time when you just need to clean out your phone (and upgrade to a new one). I've been squeaking the last bit of life out of my Blackberry these days, so I'm planning on upgrading to an iPhone. As I was going through all of my photos, I was shocked to see so many random captures. It's a nice reminder of funny moments or (in)significant events. I thought I'd share a few:

Puppy mess (poor Mr. Tiger)
Fish Bar in Lakeview (tiny, pricey, yummy)
Obsession with nail stickers (as mentioned here)
Chamberlain (boutique hotel in West Hollywood)
Photo shoot in Malibu (perks of work)
Mercury Cougar (classic model)
Wisconsin prairie (the Midwest can be pretty)
Ocktoberfest (husband ate this, not me)
Girt & The Goat (finally tried it out in November)
80's Ex'cla-ma'tion (now exclusively at Walgreens)
Abbey (who could say no to that face?)


Mel said...

Exclamation! OMG. I wore that back in the day. Hahaha!

Mel said...

P.S. - Abbey is adorable. We definitely need a playdate when winter is over. How old is she now?

Terese said...

I love the random glimpses of life you get from phone photos!

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