A sixpence in your shoe?

I haven't given this last "sixpence" portion much thought. What is a sixpence (I was kinda asking myself this question)? According to sources, it is a British silver coin that was minted beginning in the 1500's, through 1946. It is believed that if a bride sticks one in her left shoe on the day of her wedding, it will bring "wealth and good fortune" to her marriage.

I'm not so sure about this tradition. I don't have a "sixpence" coin and with only 11 days and counting, I'm not so sure ordering one is on the top of my priority list. Then there is the whole issue of "where is this coin actually going to go in my shoe"?! As previously shared, I'm wearing flat, grecian sandals that don't have much "shoe" to them. Are you planning on sticking a sixpence in your shoe? Or maybe you recently got married and included this tradition in your special day? I'd love to hear some reader's thoughts on this? Image sources from here and here.


Anonymous said...

The tradition has recently evolved to a penny.
But the tradition has really evolved to tossing the whole line completely: nobody does that.

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