The Trek Back

Hello readers, are you still out there? It's been awhile (umm, 2 months) since my last post. I've been meaning to get back to blogging, just haven't been able to make it work. I can't believe it's already October. Fall is upon us, blahhh - I already miss the warm weather and long days. At least it's not too cold in Chicago (yet). Luke and I had a fabulous summer. Lots of time with friends and family. Many trips up to the Wisconsin lake house. Abbey, our puppy, is growing up so fast. She turned 1 last week and is still as energetic as ever. She graduated from Basic Obedience class at Call of the Wild School for Dogs last month (I would highly recommend it to any dog owners out there). In other news, we bought a new car. The 1999 Mercury Cougar I had since high school needed to retire (well, actually my brother is driving it now). Our new Nissan Murano is wonderful. When we first adopted Abbey she absolutely hated the car... not anymore! Her luxuriously private back seat has turned her into a car lover. As evident from the photo, I think she likes having her own window best of all. Our treks back from the lake house will sadly become less frequent as winter arrives. On the contrary, I hope for my blog posts to become increasingly more frequent as I find myself with some extra time.


Mel said...

Congrats on Abbey's accomplishment. Fin starts classes on 10/31. He needs them for sure. Then we definitely have to get together for a play date. Hopefully it won't be too cold yet. Welcome back! ;)

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