Happy Halloween!

Autumn Part II

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I spent the weekend in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It's absolutely beautiful up there! So many colors and so many leaves. The seasons are definitely one of the pluses of living in the Midwest. Even the first snowfall is fun, but come February I'm always cursing my Chicago roots!

Photos ©2010 Keg Design.

Stamped Gold

While I was out in LA for work, I met a very talented jewelry designer named Lizzie. She was actually the fashion stylist on set, and I was in love with all her baubles! I couldn't leave California without one, so I ordered a custom Stamped Gold Disc Necklace from her collection. I had it customized with "Kelly & Luke", and I was excited that Lizzie was able to finish it before my flight back to Chicago. I've been wearing my new necklace ever since! Check out more from Lizzie C Jewelry here and here.

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Los Angeles

Here's a quick photo recap of my recent work trip to LA. I was out there shooting an advertising campaign at Universal Studios Hollywood (the New York set). I stayed at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in West Hollywood. It was fabulous! My first day in LA also happened to be the hottest day in Los Angeles' recorded history... thermometers hit a whopping 113 degrees! It was hot!

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A Perfect Sunday

I don't do football. Instead, I had a perfect Sunday hanging out with Murphy. I made Eggs Benedict Caprese (for me, not him!) and it was amazing. No recipe, just winged it. Well, I had to look up how to poach an egg, but that was it. Oh, and the beautiful weather too. Can we skip Winter this year?

Fairy Tales Do Come True

Greatest photo EVER. This particular dream of mine hasn't come true yet, but one day it will. I mean, it better. I keep telling my husband that a walk-in-closet, parking spot (aka garage) and central air are on my list. I've been living without them for years, but eventually I won't be able to go on. At what point do the perks of city living outweigh the negatives? I think I'd be willing to live in the suburbs for a closet like this...
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Eating Soup with a Fork

As designers, we often go to bed at night hoping for some totally awesome assignment to come our way. So when Chris Rathje contacted me last year about designing the cover of his first book, Don't Be Afraid to Eat Soup with a Fork, I was thrilled. Chris and I went to high school together, and, as with most people these days, reconnected via Facebook. His book, composed of a collection of short stories, is very well written. It's about his journey to realize that any dream is possible, and touches on many inspirational moments. Below, are a few of the early cover explorations I designed for Chris. To see the final book design and learn more about the publication, go here.


Sorry for the long absence. I've been traveling quite a bit lately. For work and for fun. I took this shot a few weeks ago as my plane was heading into Chicago O'hare. Pretty cool, right? Be back next week...