Happy Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day! Every four years we get an extra day to balance out our calendars. I always wonder what it would feel like to have a leap year birthday? I don't think I'd like only getting to "officially" celebrate my birthday every four years. I heard on the radio that Justin Bieber is a leap day baby. Not sure if it's true, but that would make the poor guy like 5 years old. Ha ha! I hope everyone has a great day & seizes the opportunity to do something fun with their extra 24 hours!

Arabella On West: Business Cards

I also designed business cards for Emma and her husband from Arabella On West. They wanted a clean, modern design that provided all of the functional aspects of a traditional business card. We landed on a two-sided option that utilized part of the Australian map to pinpoint the hotel's exact location in Adelaide. Emma had the cards printed herself in Dubai. Love them!

South Australia

Australia has always been on my "wish list" of places to visit. I don't know a ton about the "outback", but I do know that it's a long flight from Chicago. I hope to get there one day! Arabella On West (I just designed their logo) is located in Adelaide, SA and is within a block from the beach. The boutique hotel is conveniently located 10-15 minutes from the Adelaide International Airport and city centre. Sounds like Adelaide is great for dining, outdoor markets, museums, parks, beaches, shopping and even golf. Here are a few snapshots from the hotel's grand opening - check out that pool! The hotel opened in 2011 and is currently taking reservations...

©2012 Photos courtesy of Arabella On West

Arabella On West: Logo Design

Almost two years ago now, Emma contacted me about a unique branding project for a boutique hotel she was opening in South Australia. She found Keg Design through a search on the web - I was thrilled and a bit amazed since she lived half way across the world! I jumped at the opportunity to work on the project and have really enjoyed the journey. Emma and her husband renovated the hotel property all the while living in Dubai. That takes some serious dedication and organization! It's funny, I'm just realizing that I've never actually spoken to Emma on the phone, but I do feel like I've gotten to know her over the last two years. She's a great client to work for and is a very talented & ambitious entrepreneur. It's been a privilege to be a part of the Arabella On West project. The final logo design (below), is being utilized in a number of ways, including on the hotel's website and property signage.

The theme Emma challenged me with was "contemporary middle eastern." I took inspiration from Arabic and Moroccan designs, while keeping a "South Beach" modern twist to everything. The hotel offers long term and short term accommodations. More details on the decor and ammenities soon. Here are a few of the "runner-up" designs that I explored for Arabella On West:

Happy Valentine's Day!

1500 Pins!

Have I told you guys about my Pinterest addiction yet? If not, it's because I was too busy pinning. I love it! I joined the social site in late 2011. The notion of having your own virtual pin board is genious. And I love that it's more visual than it is copy focused. It's a great place to find inspiration. You can follow all of my pinning escapades here. And join here if you're a a newbie...

Blackberry Clean Up

There comes a time when you just need to clean out your phone (and upgrade to a new one). I've been squeaking the last bit of life out of my Blackberry these days, so I'm planning on upgrading to an iPhone. As I was going through all of my photos, I was shocked to see so many random captures. It's a nice reminder of funny moments or (in)significant events. I thought I'd share a few:

Puppy mess (poor Mr. Tiger)
Fish Bar in Lakeview (tiny, pricey, yummy)
Obsession with nail stickers (as mentioned here)
Chamberlain (boutique hotel in West Hollywood)
Photo shoot in Malibu (perks of work)
Mercury Cougar (classic model)
Wisconsin prairie (the Midwest can be pretty)
Ocktoberfest (husband ate this, not me)
Girt & The Goat (finally tried it out in November)
80's Ex'cla-ma'tion (now exclusively at Walgreens)
Abbey (who could say no to that face?)