For Auld Lang Syne...

Oh my goodness, another year, come and gone...I can't believe it's already 2010! The 90's feel just like yesterday. Here's hoping that 2010 is a wonderful, happy, healthy year for everyone. Let's make this decade better than the last. Happy New Year's Eve! I hope you have a blast...

New Look for Keg Design!

I'm so excited about my new look! I've been working with Ellie over at Rainy Day Templates for the last month on an updated blog design. She's been absolutely wonderful to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to freshen up their site. I'll be using the next two weeks to get acquainted with the new template and make sure all of my links and menu bars are working properly. Your patience is much appreciated. I guess you could say that this was my Christmas present to myself (haha) - I've been wanting a new blog look for sometime! Happy Holidays...I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah & New Years!

I need your VOTE!

I recently entered designs in Minted's "Be Mine Valentine" challenge. Minted is a great online resource that sells cards and stationary made by designers from around the world. They host "design challenges" each month, and the people (you!) get to vote. The whole idea is pretty cool. You can read more on the details of the Valentine challenge here. My first three designs (below) were hand drawn, in pencil, by me. I like the fact that they're not your typical "cutesy" valentine - they have some character and edge to them - and therefore could be used by boys or girls. I was inspired by tattoos and rock'n'roll when creating them. The last design is more simple, and is for a family photo card. Please vote, pretty, pretty please...I'd really appreciate it! Thank you.

Go here to vote for Design #1:
Go here to vote for Design #2:
Go here to vote for Design #3:
Go here to vote for Design #4:

Blog Love!

Melissa over at Chicago Girl Gone Mild recently nominated me for the "Sugar Doll" blog award. She also nominated Keg Design as a blog that brightens up her day for the "Happy 101" award. Thank you so much Melissa, I'm flattered. And same goes back to you!

Each award has it's rules, but because I'm swamped this week at work, I'm going to follow just a few: 1. Post the blog award(s) to your site 2. Share 10 interesting things about yourself. Here it goes...

1. I have a brother who is 9 years younger than me. There are no siblings in between.

2. I played sports growing up (volleyball, basketball, swimming, tennis, track) and I'm competitive. Okay, REALLY competitive. 

3. I've been to Elba - a small island off the coast of Italy.

4. I'm a horrible singer. In the sixth grade my chorus leader asked me to lip sync...needless to say I never joined choir again!

5. I loved high school.

6. I'm a Cubs fan. I hope the White Sox lose (sorry, Melissa!). 

7. I heart T.J. Maxx. 

8. My parent's bought me a used Sunfire convertible for my 16th birthday. Three days later we returned it because the roof wouldn't stop leaking.

9. I'm addicted to gummy candy. Bears, name it, I'll eat it.

10. I hate to cook.

Southern Charm

I'm a Midwesterner through and through...I heart Chicago. There is, however, something I totally envy about the history and charm of the South. Maybe it's the sweet accents (ya'll) or the sophisticated styles...or merely the fact that everything seems to be over-the-top in one way or another. They do things differently down there, and I love it. My "to visit" list definitely includes Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC. The following photos by Todd Pellowe, a Louisville photographer, capture some of the best of the South...

Love, love, love the hat. This bride is SO stylish!

Think of all the quaint Southern churches to choose from?!

Seriously, who else pulls off a "Wear All White" wedding? Won't someone forget?

This beautiful bride truly embodies Southern charm.

Groom + Plaid Suit...only in the South!

'Tis the Season

I guess I've been holding out long enough...I must embrace winter, as the weather has started to turn cold, and those of us in Chicago woke up with an inch of snow today. I do love Christmas and the sparkly lights and pretty decor. Luke and I put up our tree and stockings this weekend. Our pre-lit tree is so convenient - easy assembly and no messy needles. Have you put up your holiday decorations yet?

Recap: Our Youngest Guests (Part 2)

Caleb was such a trooper, and he liked to give kisses too! 

Best Man & MOH walking into the party with Caleb.
Caleb and his Mom (Loren) - so cute!

This is Cameron, Caleb's younger brother!!!

Check out those blonde ringlets...I love 'em!

Everyone getting their "groove" on.
Photos by RHB Photography.

Recap: Our Youngest Guests (Part 1)

This might be my favorite recap so far! It's all about the cutest, most adorable guests that attended our wedding...the kids! Even though we had an adult-only reception (if you weren't at least in high school, you didn't make the cut), there were two very important exceptions...Caleb (3 years old) and Caleb's younger brother Cameron (1.5 years old). Their mom, Loren, who is my first cousin, was also a bridesmaid. Caleb was our ring bearer, and by far the cutest, most well behaved member of the bridal party. The photos are priceless...

Photos by RHB Photography.

New on the scene...

Chicago brides-to-be (Terese and Katie) are blogging about their upcoming 2010 weddings...check 'em out:

Also, many thanks (although long overdue!) to the following bloggers for linking to Keg Design. It may have been many months ago, but I still appreciate it. Thank you!

Groomsmen Socks

Who doesn't love the shots in which a groom and his groomsmen reveal funky, color-coordinated socks under their tuxedo pants? I know I do! Luke and I thought about incorporating this trend into our wedding, but in the end it was one of those details that didn't make the final cut. When I came across the above socks at 1st Choice Cufflinks I was impressed with their selection and prices. Each pair is $21 and imported from the UK by Tyler & Tyler. Does anyone else know of a good resource for men's trouser socks?