Growth Spurt!

32 weeks and counting...

Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

"A person's a person, no matter how small. -Dr. Seuss" As I mentioned earlier, my best friend is also pregnant (she actually had her baby a few weeks ago now!) and I had the honor of helping her mom and sister plan her baby shower. Since the baby's sex was a surprise, the theme chosen was "Dr. Seuss." It was absolutely adorable and perfect for Megan since she is a high school reading teacher. Her mom and sister did most of the hard work and planning, but I pitched in my efforts on the favors. I had found some cute "Thing 1" cake pops on Pinterest as inspiration and used my creative skills to execute them. Since I'm NOT a baker, I hired a friend with her own cake pop business to create the plain red pops. I decorated them with white candy melts, black icing and blue cotton candy. I must say, it was MUCH harder than I expected! But I think they turned out great in the end! All of the centerpieces were made by Megan's mom and included a quote from a Dr. Seuss book. Other cool features included red and blue custom soda bottles and napkins folded like diapers. I found a baby-sized "Thing 1" t-shirt to give to Megan too. Oh, and the "belly" cake was to die for - it was made by this Chicago based high school student who definitely has a huge career in front of her. 

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Zoo Cute

You know when you get super excited about something and just can't contain your joy... well that's how I feel about two very functional items - the diaper bag and car seat I've picked out! I'm in love with them! The LeSportsac Zoo Cute baby bag is light weight, durable and absolutely adorable. What's even better is that I virtually got it for free... I've had a $200 gift card to Bloomingdales since our wedding (3 years ago) and finally found something to spend it on. The bag goes perfectly with the Peg Perego Denim Primo Viaggio car seat I registered for. I'm obsessed with denim - it's boyish yet sophisticated. And an Italian company to boot. Ciao bambino! Check out Peg Perego's 2012 denim collection here

Mama Megan

Have I mentioned that my best friend is also a soon-to-be first time mom? Megan is actually due in 2 days! It's been such a blessing to have someone so close going through the same experience. Since she's been 10 weeks ahead in the process, I've gotten the amazing opportunity to always ask her "what's next..." as well as "what the hell is happening to my body?" or "can you believe my doctor just did this?" We've had a lot of funny conversations! Megan & Bryan decided not to find out the sex, so they have an extra special surprise coming to them in a few days. I'm rooting for Team Boy (so we can continue to swap stories), but really just praying all goes well and they have a healthy, happy baby! Megan just finished decorating her nursery last week. Isn't it adorable? A soft and sweet little lamb theme - perfect for a baby boy or girl. She and her mom spent many painstaking hours stenciling one of the nursery walls (it took them much longer than expected) but I think it was definitely worth it. My favorite pieces in the nursery are the adorable rocker from PBK and the rustic bookshelf Megan found at a flea market. She painted the bookshelf white but left the back shelf exposed to match her farmhouse style crib and changing table. PBK's Sweet Lambie bedding and mobile finish it off. 

Red, White & Blue

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! We were up in Wisconsin enjoying the week with family and friends. It was a HOT one! Temperatures in the 100+ degrees is not super fun, especially when you're pregnant. I shouldn't complain too much though since it was sunny every single day. We spent most of our time in the lake or the pool trying to keep cool. Today marks the start of my 30th week of pregnancy! I can't believe I only have 10 weeks (2.5 months) to go. I'm still feeling pretty good, but don't know how much bigger my belly can get (apparently much much bigger). My brother and I were HUGE babies (9 lbs & 10 lbs) so this little guy could be on the extra large size if he takes after us!

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