Seriously, could this week have gone any slower? I'm a little behind in my postings, but I promise to make up for it next week (or at least I'll try). Here's a sneak peek into Kim and Jeff's wedding...

Nashville, ya'll!

The hubby and I visited Nashville, Tennessee back in July. It was our first time in the Music City and we really enjoyed ourselves. We stayed downtown and hit-up all of the famous southern restaurants and bars... including Lonnie's Western Room. Although I'm not a huge fan of country music, I loved the spirit and vibe of this small city. It's fun, upbeat and very friendly. Unfortunately the Grand Ole Opry was closed for construction purposes, so we didn't get to visit.

During our stay, we also visited Belle Meade Plantation. It's about a 20 minute drive from downtown Nashville. It's a beautiful place full of SO MUCH history. We walked around the grounds, visited the winery and took a tour of the mansion. I was really excited when I saw that they were setting up for a wedding later that evening. Of course I took some photos (see below). After further investigation, I learned that wedding ceremonies take place in the Boxwood Garden (on grounds) and reception parties are held in the Carriage House and Stables. For more information on event packages go here.

Are you in love yet? Wait until you see these professional photos I found of other weddings that took place at Belle Meade Plantation. Check out how the moss-topped barn from above is the backdrop in the ceremony photos below. And how awesome is the Carriage House? I'm pretty sure that a wedding in spring, summer or fall would be absolutely beautiful here. Images from Dove Wedding Photography and Gray Photography. What a great venue with tons of southern charm!

Weekend Recap

My friend Kim got married! And I was a very proud bridesmaid. Details & photos coming soon! Here's a shot of one of the reception arrangements making a 2nd debut in my dining room. I love fresh flowers...

Summer in the city...

Marry Christmas

I know, I one wants to think about Christmas yet (especially me), but I came across these designs I created awhile back and thought I would share. I'm sure there are differing opinions out there, but I think it's a nice idea to combine your Holiday Greeting with your Save The Date information if the timing works. Why not, right? It's the earth-friendly, tree saving way to go! What are your thoughts?

4x6 Postcard Designs ©2010 Keg Design

Sue Says Hi!

Sue (the T. Rex) at The Field Museum says hello! I visited her last week during my company's Summer Gala. Yup, I work for a pretty cool place...I love it! The Musuem's "Stanley Field Hall & Balcony" proved to be an amazing venue for the evening (see below). Food, drinks, friends, and prizes! I had a blast...

Chicago's Field Museum hosts many different events and has spaces (indoor & out) to accommodate all sizes. I found the following images on the Field Museum's Special Events website. There's no mention of price online, but I'd be curious to find out what they charge. Have you been to a wedding at the Field Museum? Or are you planning on attending/hosting an event there soon? I would love to hear all about it...

Loud and Proud

I'm not a huge fan of Miracle Whip. Actually, I can't stand it. However, I loooove their current ad campaign: I've been seeing these cute, mini-sized billboards popping up all over the city. This one reads... "Loud and Proud. We are Miracle Whip and We Will Not Tone it Down." Brilliant copy, brilliant voice, brilliant art direction. Just thought I would share. What's your favorite recent ad campaign?

Colors of Italy

Here are some of my favorite photos from Italy. The vibrant assortment of colors over there is absolutely amazing. Day or Night. North or South. Everything is fresh, colorful and beautiful!

Photos ©2010 Keg Design.

Italian Souvenir

Let's just say that my checking account is still feeling the adverse (i.e. empty) effects of an Italian vacation. My Mom and I had a great time in Italy and we did A LOT of shopping! I won't bore you with all the little items I brought home, but I wanted to share my BIG PURCHASE. I scored this beautiful leather jacket the first day we arrived. The San Lorenzo Market in Florence is one of my favorite places to find great deals and purchase souvenirs. They also sell amazing leather goods - purses, wallets, jackets - you name it, they probably have it. The vendors are persistent and they really like to guilt you into buying - bring your haggling skills with! I talked my way into a great discount. I'm excited to wear this beauty once the weather gets colder (hopefully not until October), so for right now it's hanging in my way-too-small closet...

Photos ©2010 Keg Design.