EcoKnowledge Nexus

Logo development I did for a company that hosts and produces webinars for other companies. A webinar is an online seminar used for sharing knowledge and making connections with industry experts and peers. The color palette for this business logo is one of my favorites... lime and charcoal. The contrast between the two different fonts keeps the logo feeling balanced, while the circular mark has a futuristic edge. For more information on EcoKnowledge Nexus check out their website.

Summer Salad

It's officially still Summer until the Autumnal Equinox takes place at 11:09pm EST on September 22nd. Unfortunately, the last few days in Chicago have felt more like Fall. And I'm not happy. Fall only means one thing...Winter. And who looks forward to shortened days, bitter cold and mounds of snow? Not me. Here's to hanging on to the last bits of sunshine & warm temps we have... a colorful summer salad I made a few weeks ago. Most of the ingredients came from my local farmer's market. It was a huge hit!

Photos ©2010 Keg Design.


Photo ©2010 Keg Design.

Weekend Recap

Oh my was crazy! At least I spent the weekend relaxing and having fun. Luke and I joined some friends on Saturday night at Medieval Times. Yup, that place where kids go for their 6-year-old birthday parties! Ha! It was pretty hilarious. And the myth is true - they really do make you eat with your hands. The best part was the beer and the half-price tickets.

Sunday was perfect weather in Chicago. Sunny and 80 degrees - it was beautiful! We headed over to Wicker Park for The Renegade Craft Fair. I was pumped to find a great watch. It's super cool. And super comfortable. And for only $60 I thought it was a steal (pictures below). I also picked up some earrings from the same booth - Nomadic Ant - be sure to check out their online store.

Photos ©2010 Keg Design.

The Renegade - Today & Tomorrow!

If you're in Chicago, definitely try to check out The Renegade Craft Fair today or tomorrow. It rocks!

Bubbly Exit

As promised, here are some of Kim and Jeff's wedding photos. These are hot off the press from their photographer, Rob Barcroft. I've recently been obsessed with photo series, in sequential order. This one is so cool. I love the bubbles and the iconic charm of the church and black & white format. Not to mention the beautiful couple! Many congratulations to the lovebirds...

Photos by RHB Photography.

Mexico Bound

Hooray! One of my dear friends recently got engaged and asked me to stand up in her wedding. She's clearly on the top of her game, as the invitation came cleverly disguised as a luggage tag. Jordan and Ryan are planning on tying the knot in Mexico next year. I'm so happy for them, and I'm so excited to be a part of their special day. I guess this marks #3 for me in terms of bridesmaid duties. I love standing up in weddings, I really do. Maybe it's because I haven't done it 27 times, or because I have the coolest friends ever. Either way, I wanted to share this super cute idea with you. She ordered the custom luggage tags from Shutterfly.

If you didn't already guess...that's Jordan and I at my bachelorette party. Love it!

This isn't the week...

...that I catch up on my blogging. Darn it. It's been a crazy few days. Good, but crazy. I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. I'll see you back here next week! Toodles...