I'm very excited to announce some big news - I'm pregnant!
Due in September!

I couldn't have asked for a better way to kick off my thirties! To announce the news at work today (and celebrate my birthday) I brought in pink & blue rice krispies treats. It was funny to see people's reactions and if they "got" the blue/pink nod before I told them. Also, if you know me, it's a huge deal that I "baked" anything from scratch. Ha! Luke thought his wife had been captivated by aliens last night as I slaved away in the kitchen. Maybe my "mommy" instincts are already setting in?

3 Perfect 10's!

Tomorrow I turn 30! Woah! Today's my last day as a twenty-something. I'm looking forward to a whole new decade of fun and adventure. I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday with friends on Saturday night and with family on Sunday. Both get-togethers entailed lots of pizza and cake (a girl can never get enough cake, right?). I loved the birthday message on the cake below...