Family Monograms

I love the simplicity of a monogram. Earlier this year, I created the following set of monograms for a family of five. I love the fact that they work together, but also hold up on their own as individual designs. Color was used to distinguish among different age groups and genders. 

As many parents are doing now, this couple combined their two last names for a hyphenated surname for their children. At first, I was struggling with how to incorporate the 4 letter approach, but lucked out with the fluidity of the "R" and "J" working together. Each of the boys' monograms are in navy blue and Amani, the adorable daughter, stands out with a vibrant pink. 

Emma (the Mom) plans to utilize these monograms on bed sheets, stationary and other custom projects for her family. Do you have a favorite monogram style? Or favorite place to apply yours? On a side note, as I've been debating over baby names with the hubby, you can bet we've banned a few names for the horribly funny (or offensive) initials and monograms they would create! 


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