Nautical Nursery Mood Board

Here's my mood board for Baby D's nursery. I've always loved nautical decor - it evokes happy summer memories for me. Since I wanted something appropriate for a baby boy, but not too cutesy, it was the perfect decor style. My first stop for inspiration was Pottery Barn Kids - they have a great selection of nautical merchandise. From there, I used Pinterest and Google to finish off my mood board. I'm delighted to report that we've nearly received or bought everything from above. Now, we just have to figure out where the nursery will actually be (since we're in the process of selling and moving). Someday it will all come together perfectly, but for now all I can pray for is a happy, healthy baby boy!

1. Quilt 2. Mobile 3. Oars 4. Boat 5. Rustic Oars 6. Rope Letters 7. Crib 8. Crib Skirt 9. Chair 10. Pillow 11. Sheets 12. Dresser     13. Rug 14. Floor Mirror 15. Blanket


Becky, Grant, Penelope and Reagan said...

I cannot wait to see photos of your completed I am sure you cannot wait to complete it! The mood board is ADORABLE!

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