Past Due

My due date came and went yesterday. Luke and I spent a few hours at the doctor's office (mostly waiting, I'm so over that part!) and the doctor kinda laughed and said we'll probably see you next week. Great. NOT! I guess there hasn't been much progress happening down there. I was in a foul mood for the rest of the day (poor husband). I mean, I didn't expect the little guy to come out on his actual due date, but I'm not really excited about waiting another week either. A friend of ours told us that Baby D probably just takes after his parents, perpetually and "fashionably" late! Probably. I'm sitting at the office as we speak, experiencing some minor cramps (contractions?!), so hopefully I'll have an exciting announcement for everyone in a few days! 

Full Term - 40 weeks!


Mel said...

Beautiful! I accidentally deleted your comment from my post today. Whoops! From what people tell me, almost everyone I know went late with their first. Good luck, mama! Keep us posted.

Johanna said...

Hang in there...the end is so hard. Fingers crossed that you are getting an epidural as we speak!

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