Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

"A person's a person, no matter how small. -Dr. Seuss" As I mentioned earlier, my best friend is also pregnant (she actually had her baby a few weeks ago now!) and I had the honor of helping her mom and sister plan her baby shower. Since the baby's sex was a surprise, the theme chosen was "Dr. Seuss." It was absolutely adorable and perfect for Megan since she is a high school reading teacher. Her mom and sister did most of the hard work and planning, but I pitched in my efforts on the favors. I had found some cute "Thing 1" cake pops on Pinterest as inspiration and used my creative skills to execute them. Since I'm NOT a baker, I hired a friend with her own cake pop business to create the plain red pops. I decorated them with white candy melts, black icing and blue cotton candy. I must say, it was MUCH harder than I expected! But I think they turned out great in the end! All of the centerpieces were made by Megan's mom and included a quote from a Dr. Seuss book. Other cool features included red and blue custom soda bottles and napkins folded like diapers. I found a baby-sized "Thing 1" t-shirt to give to Megan too. Oh, and the "belly" cake was to die for - it was made by this Chicago based high school student who definitely has a huge career in front of her. 

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